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We've had lots of Questions about Pilot2ATC's Capabilities and Operations, so I decided to post them here for all to see.  If you don't see the answer to your question, please feel free to email us at

 Does Pilot2ATC interact with AI Traffic?  Do I need to turn AI traffic off?

Yes, AI traffic is displayed on the Map and rolling your mouse over each plane will give you details about it. You can set options for Traffic alerts from ATC. If you want AI Traffic interaction, you need to fly with AI traffic in your SIM turned on. Pilot2ATC works with the Sim AI Traffic.   The Sims claim they keep the AI traffic out of your way, but you may be run over by them from time to time.  This is anoying, but it doesn't hurt you or your passengers.

For a dose of realism you can play ATC Chatter files from sites like for each controller.   The configuration screen lets you specify a different mp3 or wav file for each controller supported.  Or you can specify multiple files for each controller. Check out the User Guide for details. Lots of options to choose from.

The voices that are used on your product, are they recorded voices or are they TTS voices? How many voices come with the product?

They are TTS voices. Any SAPI 5 desktop voices you can install on your Windows system can be selected for each controller. We only use the voices on your system. In Windows 7, it might be just Ana, Windows 8 has more default voices. With Pro or Enterprise editions of Windows, you can get even more voices by installing additional free language packs. Many users purchase additional voices like those at I normally run mine with the Windows 8 standard US English and Spanish English with a heavy Spanish accent, and am playing with some others. Also bought a pack from Ivona that are pretty good.

Does the product read any navdata with regards to SIDS, STARS and altitude restrictions?

Yes, Pilot2ATC fully supports AIRAC data cycles. Currently, Aerosoft NavDataPro and Navigraph provide support for Pilot2ATC. You can import flight plans from pln or fms files from many planning sources or from FSX, P3D or X-Plane directly. Check out the User's guide for more details on flight planning including SIDS, STARs, Approaches and Airways.

Can the program be run over a network, or does the control screen be need to be on the FSX computer?

The program can be run over a network using XPUIPC or FSUIPC Wide Client. You'll need to figure out how to mix the sound from Pilot2ATC with the sound from the Sim. Also you'll need to have a PTT button connected directly to the PC where Pilot2ATC is running or via another program that provides this capability between PCs. Already have some users experimenting with this.

Does the ATC give you a taxi route and parking gate?

It does give taxi instructions and ATC control on any flight from gate to gate. When you request taxi instructions, they will be given to and from the runway and to a Gate or other parking area of your choosing. You will need to tell Ground control where you want to go and that location will have to be in Pilot2ATC's DB, which is based on the Sim DBs.

Does it read weather? If it does then which weather programs does it read and does it read the weather at arrival in case of change of runway?

Pilot2ATC can read weather from a variety of sources including NOAA real weather, your SIM, Active Sky, OPUS, FS Global Real Weather and REX Weather. It bases its Runway assignments on a combination of the weather and the SIM active runway, if known. Check out the User Guide for more details on weather sources.

Can I run multiple copies of Pilot2ATC with a single license?

No. The Pilot2ATC license is for a single PC. If you need to move it to a new PC or reinstall it on the same PC after an upgrade, just send a note to and we can reset your license to allow the installation.

Are there discounts if I purchase multiple licenses?

Yes. If you need to run it on more than one PC, for example a Desktop and a Laptop, on a continuing basis, you'll need to purchase another license. If you purchase additional licenses, email and we will give you a 25% discount via a PayPal refund on the additional license(s).