These videos will give you an idea of how Pilot2ATC works. A few are from an early pre-release version as evident from the different screen format. Version 2.0 is the current version. Hoping to get some more videos of it in the not too distant future.

You will notice that Pilot2ATC takes up a significant part of the movie screen. When in actual use, it is resizable, and takes up about 1/4 to 1/3 of a screen at its optimal size. With a 2+ screen sim setup, it fits nicely to the left or right of your SIM. It does not have to be on top of your sim window. It was enlarged for movie making purposes.

  • Thumbnail Version 2.2 New Features
  • Thumbnail Version 2.0 Say It Features
  • Thumbnail Version 2.0 IFR Flight Planning
  • Thumbnail Version 2.0 More New Features
  • Thumbnail Version 2.0 Sneak Peak
  • Thumbnail Version 2.0 Quick Start - Config
  • Thumbnail Pilot2ATC Overview
  • Thumbnail Simple IFR Flight Planning
  • Thumbnail Call for IFR and Taxi Clearance
  • Thumbnail Takeoff Clearance
  • Thumbnail Takeoff, Departure, Arrival, Landing