Public Beta Version

We are going to start posting beta versions of the next release as they are available. We will post what bugs the beta version addresses and any new features it has that you can try out.

We invite you to try it and see how it does. Please provide feedback to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on any new problems you encounter and if it fixes a bug you had noticed in the released version.

If you are not experiencing issues with the release version, you may want to just wait for the next release.

The Public Betas are Updates. They must be installed over an existing, working version or they will not run.

Version has a new name for the executable: Pilot2ATC_2021.exe.. After installing the update, you may need to change any shortcuts you have to the program in windows.

Pilot2ATC Update Public Beta 9 Public Beta 9 12/01/2022

  • Fixes issue of getting clearance for takeoff with traffic on final
  • Improves approach transition selection in some situations
  • Adds vectors to some SIDs that previously were not getting them
  • Fixes vector start issue when flying with plan that doesn't include the approach
  • Allows more time to decrease speed before subsequent warning
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 8S9 11/28/2022

  • Fixes problem with vectors not being given after told to expect them
  • Fixes Approach names to include suffix
  • Fixes SIM Wx to correctly find XP12 METAR file
  • Fixes handling of variable wind direction
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 8S5 11/23/2022

  • Fixes Reconciliation of Multiple Controllers on Same Frequency
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 8S4 11/20/2022

  • Fixes X-Plane Weather Retrieval to handle new METAR file names
  • Enhances Runway selection during Arrival to better align with winds
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 8R4 11/17/2022

  • Fixes Vector Issues
  • Adds ability to overwrite the Conversation Text file on startup
  • Adds option to ignore SID Altitude Restrictions
  • Fixes some other bugs in Beta 8Q Public Beta 8Q 11/09/2022

  • Fixes Vector logic to avoid losing ATC during Vectoring
  • Fixes issues with getting Vectors on request during a VFR flight
  • Fixes TaxiwayMnt Airline maintenance Filtering and Favorites
  • Fixes Frequency assignment issues at certain airports
  • Fixes SID display issues for some SIDs
  • Fixes SimBrief Web Import issues
  • Fixes a few other bugs Public Beta 8P2 10/30/2022

  • Fixes a bug in AutoPlan that could cause a STAR to not be added
  • Fixes a bug in AutoLoad of flight plans for P3D/FSX Public Beta 8P 10/30/2022

  • Fixes VFR Auto Plan and File
  • Fixes Vectors for requested approaches on VFR Flights
  • Fixes erroneous off course call on some direct flight plans
  • Enhances Auto Load to check for runway mismatches between STAR and Approach on IFR Flight Plans Public Beta 8L 10/28/2022

  • Option to "Only Use Airports in AIRAC Data" on FltPln tab, speeds data loading for most users
  • If that option not checked:
    • All those back-country and closed airports will be loaded as before
    • Data Loading will seem to hang at 25% for 1+ full minutes as more data cleanup is being done
    • Duplicate airports at the same location will be eliminated
  • Fixes problem with ATC Controllers not displaying properly Public Beta 8K 10/20/2022

  • Fixes Pattern Direction bug in VFR patterns
  • Cleans up a few minor bugs Public Beta 8J 10/18/2022

  • Fixes bug in Vectoring Public Beta 8H 10/18/2022

  • Fixes Procedure Display issue Public Beta 8G 10/18/2022

  • Fixes Freq selection issue for some scenarios
  • Fixes procedure display Public Beta 8F 10/17/2022

  • Fixes ARTCC Boundary Detection
  • Fixes other minor bugs in 8E Public Beta 8E 10/15/2022

  • Fixes SID departure vectors
  • Fixes IFR Arrival where no arrival procedures were specified in flight plan Public Beta 8D 10/14/2022

  • Fixes bug that could cause SIMBrief Web Import to fail

< Public Beta 8C 10/14/2022

  • Fixes Vector problem found in Beta 8B
  • Fixes SIMBrief and Navigraph Text Line Import to enable importing of procedures
  • Fixes Export panel to ensure bottom area with buttons is visible
  • Fixes manual termination to vectors in SIDs
  • Fixes display of some procedures

< Public Beta 8B 10/07/2022

  • Enables import of X-Plane 12 Taxiways and Gates in TaxiMnt
  • Removes the option to Randomize Vectored Approaches in line with the new Arrival procedures
  • Fixes display of some procedures

< Public Beta 8A 10/04/2022

  • Fixes bug that could cause program to crash or freeze

< Public Beta 8 10/04/2022

  • Tweaks the new arrival and approach logic
  • Improves weather loading
  • Fixes display of some procedures on the map
  • SimBrief website import enhancements
  • Adds support for Operations controller in Speech Assistant
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes

< Public Beta 7B 09/17/2022

  • Fixes bug in display of Vectors to Visual Straight-In
  • Fixes a couple of other minor bugs

< Public Beta 7A 09/16/2022

  • Fixes bug in SIM Wx for X-Plane
  • SIM Wx now works with XP11 or XP12

< Public Beta 7 09/16/2022

In addition to some new features and many bug fixes, this update has a totally reworked logic for ATC interactions during arrivals. This should result in better timing of clearances and more realistic clearances and vectors. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you encounter any "crazy" arrival and approach situations.

  • New arrival and approach logic
  • APPR button previews when Approach Clearance or vectors will start
  • Heading instructions given in 5 degree increments
  • Radar contact only verbalized on initial contact after takeoff
  • SimBrief website import enhancements
  • SayIt+ window remembers size and location
  • SayIt+ Favorites function improved
  • Recognizes Holding Pattern as part of approach where applicable
  • Adds check for occupied gates to Arrival Gate assignments
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

Pilot2ATC™ Update PublicBeta 6

< Public Beta 6 07/18/2022

  • Fixes problem with Joystick visibility
  • Fixes issue of unnecessary vectors after last STAR waypoint
  • Fixes some other bugs

p> Public Beta 5 07/13/2022

  • Adds error trapping and messages to SimBrief web imports
  • Fixes SimBrief web import runway selection to use SimBrief runway if "Force Pilot Runway Selection" option is checked in Config
  • Fixes descent altitude calculations
  • Fixes X-Plane 11 fms flight plan export format
  • Fixes Display of some IFR procedures
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 4 06/26/2022

  • Adds import of Cruise Altitude and TAS (as Planned GS) when doing the new SimBrief Flight Plan Import
  • Adds import of Departure and Arrival runways to the new SimBrief Flight Plan Import
  • Adds option to Import SimBrief Call Sign with the new SimBrief Flight Plan Import
  • Fixes issue with setting desired arrival gate in P2A prior to landing using the Info Window
  • Fixes Departure runway change request
  • Fixes waypoint target speed calculations
  • Fixes some other bugs Public Beta 3 06/18/2022

  • Adds ability to import
  • Fixes issues importing FlightAware Flight Plans
  • Fixes issue with importing Cruise Altitude from .PLN files
  • Fixes a problem with Charts loading into the TERPs window from the FAA site
  • Improves STAR/APPR selection logic to favor procedures in filed flight plan
  • Improves runway assignment logic to favor wind speed and direction more
  • Fixes some issues related to AutoPlan of procedures Public Beta 2 06/06/2022

  • Fixes problem entering certain waypoints into flight plan in a specific order Public Beta 1 05/30/2022

  • Fixes program freeze that occurs in some flights at arrival setup or vector start time
  • Adds vectors for Approach Transitions with manual terminations
  • Fixes descent instructions for vectored approaches in some scenarios
  • Fixes display of RNAV approach name at bottom of Flt Plan window Update Release 05/22/2022

  • Fixes vectors for Visual Straight-Ins
  • Fixes descent instructions without STAR
  • Fixes a problem with active Runways in some scenarios
  • Fixes a problem with waypoint deletion in Flight Plans Public Beta 2 05/17/2022

  • Fixes a problem with TOD Descents
  • Fixes a problem with importing and filing some flight plans
  • Fixes a problem with taxi instructions in some scenarios Public Beta 1 05/15/2022

  • Fixes a problem with descent instructions in certain scenarios
  • Improves vectoring logic for certain scenarios Public Beta 3 05/11/2022

  • Fixes descent instruction and timing with vectors
  • Fixes descent when no STAR
  • Fixes VFR Flt Plan Imports
  • Fixes Hidden Message Box Issues
  • Fixes issue of still being assigned to a controller after cancel IFR or Flight Following
  • Fixes other reported bugs Public Beta 2q 04/28/2022

  • Adds Apron and Stand to gate names for certain locales
  • Adds ability to request taxi to a Stand instead of a Gate
  • Fixes arrival logic when procedures not AutoLoaded into plan
  • Fixes bug in Chatter logic that could result in a Region not being selected
  • Fixes vector logic to handle curved final approaches
  • Fixes altitude assignments during vectors
  • Fixes other reported bugs Public Beta 2p 04/05/2022

  • Adds Min Runway Length for runway selection (P2A Setup tab of Config) (
  • Enhances runway selection logic
  • Prevents changes to arrival procedures if arrival runway doesn't change
  • Adds X, Y or Z suffix to Approaches if applicable
  • Enhances MSFS Flt Plan Import to include SID, STAR and Approach
  • Fixes a few bugs in new vectoring logic
  • Fixes other reported bugs Public Beta 2n 03/18/2022

  • Improves AI Traffic location logic at airports
  • Improves Cross Runway and Takeoff calls
  • Improves Arrival Runway request and allows it after you have been given the arrival information
  • Improves runway selection logic to not change arrival runway if windspeed is below 5 kts
  • Uses Max Cross/Tailwind components from Config for selection of Preferred Runway
  • Tweaks Descent Altitude Calculations
  • Filing a Flight Plan will not make changes to it. Plan must be Validated before it can be Filed.
  • Vector logic enhanced and early vectoring should be minimized.
  • Approach Vectors can be displayed on map while planning by pressing the APPR button to the right of the map.
  • Vector target altitudes displayed on map when you press APPR button. Public Beta 2m 02/14/2022

  • Fixes Grammar Helper Phrases that were not being decoded correctly Public Beta 2l 02/13/2022

  • Fixes bug introduced in beta 2k Public Beta 2k 02/12/2022 PULLED - Working on bug

  • Fixes pronunciation of some controller names
  • Fixes taxi hold instructions at some airports where Runways in Taxi data are missing Public Beta 2j 02/09/2022

  • Fixes Chart Map Mode to display US VFR Sectional Chart
  • Fixes Taxi Instructions at airports with ILS Hold Short without regular Hold Short taxi Points
  • Fixes SimBrief Import with SID and/or STAR included Public Beta 2i 02/04/2022

  • Fixes a problem where ATC would stop after takeoff on some short IFR flights Public Beta 2h 02/03/2022

  • Fixes a bug with importing MSFS .pln Flight Plan files Public Beta 2g2 01/31/2022

  • Adds line in Conversation Text for Assigned Controller and Frequency, even if copilot is not enabled Public Beta 2f 01/28/2022

  • Updates METAR anytime source changes
  • Reads from latest file on all Wx accesses for local weather sources Public Beta 2e

  • Fixes Waypoint selection bug introduced in PB 2d
  • Fixes ASN Weather error message issue
  • Fixes non-vectored Approach descent instructions Public Beta 2d

  • Fixes VOR Waypoint selection problem
  • Fixes NOAA Weather reporting problem
  • Fixes Bearing from Airport reporting problem Public Beta 2c

  • Fixes VFR Flight Plan Filing Issue
  • Fixes some other minor bugs Public Beta 2b

  • Fixes Copilot Volume bug in Beta 2a
  • Fixes some potential issues with SimBrief Imports Public Beta 2a

  • Adds OnTop button for TaxiMnt Window
  • Adds additional controllers that can handle Missed Approach
  • Fixes Copilot Volume Setting
  • Enhances SimBrief FP Import to include Runways, SID and STAR, if present in string Public Beta 1h

  • Adds the option to only display airports from AIRAC (FltPln tab-Misc Options)
  • TaxiMnt Window modified to allow Windows Alt-Tab to swap to it
  • Fixes TaxiMnt button Highlighting issue
  • Fixes a problem whereby the overall volume of P2A could be changed by setting the volume of the PTT or Speech Recognized tones
  • Note: Public Beta 1g was rolled into Public Beta 1h Public Beta 1f

  • Adds the option to have winds spelled as whinds to help voices pronounce it correctly
  • Tweaks the vectored approach clearance Public Beta 1e

  • Fixes an issue with exporting VFR Flight Plans to MSFS
  • Fixes another issue with ASN weather display Public Beta 1d

  • Fixes an issue with Flight Plan Export to MSFS Public Beta 1c

  • Fixes the problem with the TaxiMnt button
  • Fixes a problem with ASN weather display
  • Fixes a couple of other 1b issues Public Beta 1b

  • Set Chatter Volume Default to 100%
  • Fixes TaxiMnt Window so it will open
  • Fixes Tones so they output to the Speech Output device Public Beta 1a

  • Adds Volume Setting for Chatter on Sounds Tab.
  • Adds Random Voice Master Volume to change all Random voice volume settings at once
  • Adds Volume Level bar on Com Control Panel
  • Adds Favorite Phrases to SayIt Plus Window
  • Enhances the Airlines Mnt Function in TaxiMnt, including ability to add and delete airlines
  • Fixes a bug in Approaches with transitions
  • Fixes a problem with Auto Planner in Beta 2F
  • Fixes a bug in the Weather Display
  • Fixes a few other bugs introduced in Beta 2f

Public Beta 2f

  • Adds ability to control all volume using the Com Panel Volume Controls. You may need to turn this volume up the first time you use this release.
  • Fixes a problem with display of Open Street Map in Taxi Mnt
  • Fixes a problem that occasionally could give strange altitude assignments along with descent instructions at TOD
  • Fixes issue of Chatter files playing from first in folder each time
  • Fixes VFR Flight Plan filing problem
  • Fixes a few bugs introduced in Beta 2e

Public Beta 2e

  • Adjusts Approach Selection to avoid Circling approaches when others are availabe
  • Adjusts OnRunway logic to reduce chance of invalid Go-Around, however invalid Go-Arounds may still be caused by a mismatch of SIM, Real World and P2A Runway locations
  • Fixes export issues for some MSFS flight plans
  • Fixes a problem with setting Arrival runway at airports without any arrival procedures
  • Enables setting of runway at airports without any procedures or weather
  • Fixes a bug in the beta that caused the flight plan window to go blank

Public Beta 2d

  • Combines China Country Codes to "Z" when using Country or Airport Folders for Chatter
  • Fixes display of Recommended Approach Button
  • Fixes import of MSFS plans with missing Runway Information in STAR

Public Beta 2c

  • Fixes a problem causing the program to not open on Windows 7
  • Fixes display of additional procedures

Public Beta 2b

  • Fixes a problem Copilot not doing readbacks or changing frequencies
  • Fixes an issue with SayIt not displaying readbacks correctly

Public Beta 2a

  • Fixes the reduced sound volume problem when using the Speech Recognized Tone
  • Enables the use of words like "LINK", "INNER", "OUTER" in taxiway names

Public Beta 1b

  • Fixes a problem with the drawing of some approaches

Public Beta 1a

  • Fixes taxi instructions at some airports
  • Fixes issue with MakeRunways Import of New Airports
  • Fixes an issue with bogus altitude assignments on some descents

Public Beta 1

  • Adds Accessibility Names to Buttons
  • Organizes Main Window for easier Accessibility
  • Adds Help Tips to many Buttons
  • Adds PTT Pressed Tone that sounds when PTT button is pressed
  • Fixes a bug in Taxi Mnt related to deleting Taxi Points
  • Fixed Taxiway Import timeout error
  • Fixes some problems with Procedure display
  • Fixes some issues with vectors to approach
  • Enables use of either style of Airline Call Sign (1415 as either fourteen fifteen, or one four one five)
  • Fixes issue of Radar Control/Director being skipped at some airports
  • Fixes P3D Flt Plan import of VFR plan with an airport as a waypoint
  • Fixes issue of Approach being assigned for departure when Radar Dir is available
  • Adds pause after ATC or pilot speaks before resuming chatter - half the Min Pause time
  • Adds PlayChatter indicator/Button on Main Window
  • Fixes issue with P2A not always fully shutting down with X-Plane
  • Fixes issue with FSX Root Folder option for Importing Taxiways
  • Fixes issue with Com1/Com2 swap not working in MSFS
  • Fixes problems with importing of MSFS Flight Plans